Magic: The Gathering

Welcome to the only stop for all your Magic: The Gathering (MTG) needs!

We offer booster packs, fat packs, intro packs, clash packs, limited print cards, singles and just about every other release that Wizards offers the MTG community, including rare sets like From the Vault.

Wizards of the Coast Internet Retailer

In addition to the cards that we provide, we also sell a plethora of MTG accessories like card sleeves, deck boxes and life counters.

We also host many MTG Events and Tournaments!

Within the WPN (Wizard's Play Network) we are considered an advanced location which allows us to hold tournaments for over 100 participants.  Every new set release we hold a pre-release event and a release event to accommodate our large player base.  There are fantastic prizes and lots of fun to be had at all of these events.  In addition to the set release parties, we also host FNM (Friday Night Magic) drafts and Game Day events. 

The College provides an excellent venue for these events as we have food services on site and beautiful spacious areas. This is especially convenient for those staying at our Residence building.

View the events calendar below for upcoming tournaments, release dates and more.