Kit - Interior Design Bachelor Of Applied Arts Degree

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Algonquin College Interior Design, Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree. Kit includes:


- One 30/60 plastic set square 14"

- One 45/90 plastic set square 14"

- One drafting table brush

- One of each of the following Staedtler Mars Pigment Liner Pens: 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 (4pk)

- One compass with extendable arm and ruling penadaptor

- One metal erasing shield

- Two plastic circle templates, both metric and imperial

- One 24" metal ruler with cork backing

- One 1303i Pickett metric general purpose template

- One heavy utility knife AND one Xacto fine cutting knife

- One goodquality scissors with 4" blade

- Three 12"plastic, triangular architectural acales

Imperial(Architects Scale: 3/32"-1") 987 19-31

Metric (Engineers Scale: 1:1-1-50) 987 19-SI

Metric (Engineers Scale: 1:100-1:500) 987 19-4

- One plastic lettering guide (AMES)

- Three2mm lead holders

- One pencil lead pointer

- One Staedtler 2-hole pencil sharpener

- One plumbing template

- One 18"x24" self-healing cutting mat


- Three packages (two per package) of graphite mechanical pencil refill leads,one 2H and H and one 4H (2mm)

- One white vinyl eraser

- One kneadable eraser

- One roll or 18mm wide masking tape

- One bottle of Weldbond

- One small bottle of rubber cement with brush

- One rubber cement pick-up

- One Rabbet Cutter

-Onenon-water-based stick glue applicator (21 gram UHU)

- One each of: fine and medium tip black (dual) and red felt-tip (dual) markers (Sanford)

- 2 ultra fine black markers

- Nylon carrying case for supplies, supplied byStaedtler

- One roll 18" wide tracing paper

- One professional quality Prismacolour pencil crayon set (either 12 or 24 colour set)

- One Pack of 12 HB pencils (without eraser)

- Conte Set (2pk black andwhite HB)

-A3 marker pad 14x17 Winsor Newton

-10 Letraset markers- Warm Grey 1-5 Cool Grey 1-5

-Bendable/flexible ruler

Other supplies not included in kit are available at Connections The Campus Store

Photo doesnotdepict all items included in kit.